Shift 2

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Shift 2

Shift returns with new rooms and challenges
In this game you've to reach the door of every room. What makes this game different is that you can 'shift', flipping the map's orientation. Use space to jump, and the shift key to flip the map.

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Published: September 4th 2008 at 6:06PM


Br1anDecember 31st 1969 at 6:00PM
SWeet game my level: 221211212140122511215112120121AAB080Z22121ABZ2120121AAB010Z22121ABZ2120121AAB010Z2212153121AB20121AAB010Z22121AB5012120121AAB010Z22121AA0020121AA0010Z10Z22121C005012150121C0020121AB10Z10Z10Z22121AA0020121AAB01012122121AB5312120121A010Z10Z10Z10Z22121AA0020121C003011210Z10Z10Z10Z22121A052121C0020121AA006012260122201212212153121AC121AB501216012290121

Br1anDecember 31st 1969 at 6:00PM

GarbageGigoDecember 31st 1969 at 6:00PM
Your game has a bug. If I jump and if I press shift at the same time, the little guy disappears and I'm stuck and I can't do anything any longer.

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